Why Marc?

Hi everyone, my name is Marc Laurin. I’m currently running in elections at the University of Toronto. I am running for election on the University of Toronto Governing and Campus Councils as a full-time under-graduate student. For more information on when and how to vote in these elections, please see the ‘Voting’ page.

For all University of Toronto students, we’re currently sharing the experience of being in a fascinating place with a very important task ahead of us. As a member of the Governing and/or Campus Council, I, Marc Laurin, will ensure that every student has a voice that will be heard, regardless of the issue, and that I will represent you with the utmost sincerity and diligence. Students should always have a say in the way their educational institutions function and have choices about the issues that affect us. For more detailed information on my primary focus, please see the ‘My Focus’ page.

If there is anything that you feel needs to be addressed by the student body, the faculty or by the University as a whole, anything you wish to ask or anything that you need help with, I will always be ready to assist you or represent you on your behalf. I care about your experience here at the University of Toronto.

Personal highlights:

  • Graduated from a George Brown College business program and made the Dean’s Honour list in 2010.
  • GPA of 3.6 in the Sociology specialist program with a minor in Psychology at UTSC.
  • Previous education and business ownership experience means a real-world ability to plan and implement effective strategies.
  • Current Station Manager of Fusion Radio, the UTSC campus radio station. Additional experience as the Vice-President of Scarborough Campus Community Radio Incorporated.
  • Active social justice advocate. Notable experience includes YouthLink outreach volunteer, PactFilm Urban Peace Program volunteer and most recently a Ryerson Social Justice week participant.

Your Voice. Your Choice. Vote Marc Laurin.
U of T Governing and Campus Council candidate.