My Focus

If you haven’t already, please visit the ‘Why Marc?’ page and get to know me a little before we get into the politics.

The University of Toronto is Canada’s oldest, largest, and highest ranked university. It is therefore no simple task of upholding our reputation, delivering superior education and ensuring opportunities for learning and growth are available to students. I will ensure the interests of all students are represented when advocating on the issues that affect us. Engaging our community and promoting positive change through involvement, awareness and action is a top priority. My hope is that every student can enjoy and benefit from their educational experience here at the University of Toronto.

  • Supporting Diversity – I believe in equality, respect and continued support for every student. Our diverse backgrounds, experience and interests make our community the fascinating one that it is. Every student should feel accepted and enjoy their experience in university to the fullest! I will support socially driven events and practices and promote diversity, understanding and acceptance. Clubs, events, as well as student safety and anti-hate will always be a focus of mine.
  • Reducing Student Costs & Financial Burden – Ontario has the highest tuition fees across Canada. This is an issue we are all able to relate to as well as one that I’m very passionate about. I’ve joined social initiatives to lower tuition costs and the nationwide push from students for more affordable education has already produced results in some parts of the country. With that being said we are nowhere close to where we should be, especially in Ontario. I will make it a point to lobby for lower fees and support programs that help students reduce financial burden or support expense related initiatives such as textbook grants and/or reduced costs for other important necessities like metropasses.
  • Transparency and Approachability – As an elected representative, I answer to every student I represent. Therefore, sharing what’s going on with other students is vital. It will be my goal to inform, update and make information and facts available to all students. I will also ensure consistent availability for those seeking to express concerns or ask for support.
  • Forward Thinking – New ideas are what make the world move forward. While the concept “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t entirely without merit, we should constantly seek to discover new ways of improving the way we operate or the way we go about things. Students are learned and still developing their ideas of the world. I believe in progress we are all capable of and will strive to ensure that our processes and systems are as effective and transparent as they can be. In addition, whenever new ideas are brought forth to improve student life, it will have the support that it needs to move forward.

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U of T Governing and Campus Council candidate.